Get Paid up to TK 500 by Writing Legal Articles !!

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Bangladesh Law Digest (BDLD) decided to honour the legal minds who will compose legal articles for it. BDLD took such an unprecedented step to awaken the dormant legal minds to make explosion of their latent faculties in the legal arena.

Crux of Idea !

  1. Each author will be honoured with a sum of money between TK 250 to TK 500  depending on the quality of his write-up.
  1. If we publish two articles of an author, the author will be honoured with a sum up to TK 1000.
  1. An author will receive the amount via bKash immediately after his write-up gains 250 views in the website. Every write-up will show the view-count clearly.
  1. Generally, every post in our Website gets rapid views of the readers from Bangladesh and abroad. You may increase view-count of your write-up by sharing that on social networking sites.
  1. Every author must follow our write-up instructions or guidelines. Find the write-up guidelines here.
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